We Do Celebrating Quite Differently, Together To Rebuild Nepal.

Three years and still going strong.

It is quite unbelievable that I am here writing to you all today. Three years ago in Hong Kong this platform was created, and without the help of my ex-colleague Tomi Kiviluoma, ex-designer Quentin Yiu and one of my very best friends Paloma Quinn-Mills (who helped us purchase the website with her credit card) the Independent Skies you see today wouldn’t have existed.

The team since then has changed and has taken a few rounds and I am very thankful to everyone whoever lent us a helping hand. When we started this project, we believed in transparency and in including not only our team, but the whole Independent Skies family in the processes of what we do and what we achieve.

In the past three years we have started the campaign We Are Baghdad that raises funds for orphans in Iraq (which have now exceeded 4 million children). We have so far raised more than 3000 USD in total from young people who care, like you and I. The campaign has since travelled away from Hong Kong and raised funds in Canada, Malaysia and now Oman.

At the end of 2013, Project Manila was created which basically was a workshop for leadership and event organizing, the project would have absolutely not come to life without Mr. Reuben James Barrete who is a man behind a lot of ISM’s popularity and success around the world. We also went through a hard time with surviving a typhoon and floods together which made us create our latest campaign called Magkahiusa (which means United in the language of the affected area) that raises money for the people effected by the horrific typhoon Yolanda . Magkahiusa with all its ups and downs was a campaign in Spain and mainly targeting university students from the city of Segovia. The campaign raised 550 Euros and the money will finally be on its way the week of the 11th/May.

Today, on behalf of Team Skies, I would like to announce the coverage of a fundraiser for Nepal that succeeded in GoFundMe and has exceeded its 5000 Euro goal and now going for 10,000 Euros (donate by clicking on the highlighted text). Once the team is in Nepal we will be covering day to day help and spread of money to show the transparency of the fundraiser in Nepal.

Thanks to all our contributors in the past and the present we have now published over 330 articles from all around the world, have gained more than 150,000 readers, almost 6000 likes on facebook and most importantly we gained a family. We are all a family at Independent Skies and our direct relationship with our readers just keeps us going to help change the world.

Keep supporting us, because that is the only way we can hold our hands together and show everyone that is doubting: We are one world. One people and peace will eventually emerge.


Almustafa M. Khalid
Founder & Editor in Chief
Independent Skies Magazine



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