What A Guy Did To Raise Funds For Syrian Refugees (HEROIC)

In our world we have many heroes, unfortunately they all get overshadowed due to media

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Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet Halim Sbenati from Ontario, Canada.in the media industries want to feature them or not. Today, I am not letting that happen.

Halim could not take the suffering of the Syrians anymore and unlike the most of humanity, he decided to do something about it.

With a nice bunch of people he managed to get, they all camped with tents around London, Ontario to both raise awareness of the living conditions of the Syrian Refugees and to try and make those passing by donate for the unfortunate children suffering from the winter cold with no jackets, no heaters, no shoes sometimes and not even food.
Here is a screenshot of a skype conversation Halim had with the refugees.1557161_590721567669543_1282921371_o

All this happened under the umbrella of a campaign called #WinterRefugee, where Halim made a campaign video of him being in the shoes of those refugees (which I think is a heroic act… you will watch the video and judge for yourself) and had a link at the end where you can donate. (unfortunately, the campaign has now ended so the link to donations does not exist)

Halim and Co managed to raise 20.70,00 USD in the short amount of time the campaign was running, which I hope I had known about way earlier to help spread the message and raise more money.61022_599304293477937_1996007206_n This is an actual facebook status from #WinterRefugee:

FINAL COUNT: $20,070.00 has been raised for #WinterRefugee. We sincerely thank those who have generously donated. Know that your donations will make a big difference in the lives of thousands of Syrian refugees. Thank you to all who have donated clothes towards this cause. And thanks to everyone who has supported us through sharing our video and our news stories.


I hope after this does of heroic inspiration you my reader will also stand up and do something for anyone that needs help wether in your direct community or refugees that live thousands of miles away.
I want to end with an Arab saying ‘if we were to live like a bunch of wooden sticks, it would be much harder to break us than if we were to live as sticks alone’

Almustafa M. Khalid



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