What is love?


Have you ever thought about what is love? It is thought that in mathematics love is an irresolvable equation. For arts, love is the shape of a heart. A conquer is love for history and lastly, in chemistry love is a reaction. Nevertheless, is love only that? Love. 4 letters. 1 word but multiple meanings. According to the dictionary, love is nothing but a passionate affection for another person. However, in my humble opinion love is much more than that.


Love is a feeling. Love is a vital need of human beings firstly experienced 9 months before being born. Nevertheless, once we are brought to life, love continues to grow. Throughout the course of our existence we find love in all it’s forms: As family, friends, or even in a person with whom to spend the rest of our life with. Love is our mother, father and love is also our fearsome enemy. Love is everywhere around this unique universe of ours. We find love in the most remote places such as the Milky Way, an isolated island or even under the see. Even in the most extreme situations we find love due to the fact that love can also be found in watery eyes, desolate screams or in the simple feeling of fear. Love is the gesture of a smile. Love is the beauty and the beast. Love is good but love is also bad. Love comes and goes without permission. Love can vanish when love desires. Even craving for love is love in itself. Love decides and guides. Love pushes us to move forward and reach impossible goals. However, love leads us sometimes into a dead end. Love hurts and heals at the same time. Love does not understand about social status or races. Love does not discriminate. It acts on humanity as a pandemic illness that has no cure. No one can avoid love and love cannot avoid anyone.


We, humans, are all equal in eyes of love because love is our way of being. Love is our blood. Love is our desperation. Is the most beautiful feeling that we get when we meet someone. Love is our ID. Love is the disease and the cure. It is an embrace but also vengeance. Love is the engine of change. Love is the past, the present and the future. Love knows no time, no space and no limitations. Love encompasses everything and nothing. Love is a person, an animal and an object. Love is universal. Love is understood in every language because love is a language in itself. Love is US. Love is… Love.


By: Celia de la Hoz



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