You Know You’re in Your Mid 20s When…

Growing up you realise that things you liked few years back don’t interest you anymore or, even if you like them, you would rather spend your time differently. It is a transition that probably most of us Millennials are facing. Nowadays there is so much choice in terms of everything really and sometimes you don’t even know how to prioritise your time or your passions. As for me, there are some changes that I have noticed both personally and within my group of (age-related) friends which support the claim.

Here are some thoughts you might find familiar if you are in your mid 20s.

If few years ago you couldn’t wait for the weekend to have fun and party, nowadays sweatpants, pizza and a movie will do on a weekend night.


It was much easier to fall in love and have a relationship. If you’ve missed your chance back then, you can now watch everyone move in together, getting married or having kids.


(With no relationship to worry about) you gotta find some other ways to use your free time. As we grow, we start being interested in a wider range of issues so we feel like learning about everything.learn

As you watch the Digital taking control over many people’s lives, you try not to give in completely, so you are looking to spend as much time as possible outside.2144-ocean-breeze-

Your mid 20s probably mean financial independence, you count every single penny and try to invest it on experiences rather than things.tumblr_mzrvbp8D6I1ssfwaso1_500

If in your high school and university years you could make friends easily with anyone, as time passes you appreciate the quality of friends rather than their number. introvert-gif-2

Being mostly independent (living alone or probably in another country), you start appreciating time with the family more and more, as you see them less and less.

Have you already gone through these changes? Have you experienced these shifts? No matter the answer, try to enjoy the life you are living and make the best out of what you have. Somewhere, someone might not be as lucky as you are!

Ioana-Alexandra Tache

Featured image credits go to Pexels.


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