You thought YOU were good at Math?

I have never been a Math’s fan, especially since it started looking more like the alphabet rather than digits and numbers. But for a while, in Secondary School – 7/8th grade ~ 14 years of age, I thought I was really good at it.

Almost 10 years later, I realise I have been lying to myself and I was just so average in doing calculations.  Why, you ask?

Young South Asian children (10-11 years old) find it easy to add, subtract, multiply or divide  simply by flicking their fingers in the air. It is quite a complex action, as they are imagining using an abacus, but they make it look so easy.

Take a look & be amazed!


Apparently, there are even tutorials, lectures and scholar debates on the issue and they all tend to agree that this practice is AWESOME – to put it more casual. Of course there is much more being said beside the awesomeness aspect, which actually makes you wanna try it.

If you want to find out more, here – get ready to have your mind blown:

To conclude on a funnier tone, but still brilliantness-related, here are “8 People Who Have Accomplished More Than You At Every Age.” – Video credits go to College Humor


Written by: Ioana-Alexandra Tache || Inspiration by: Almustafa M. Khalid




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