Youtuber Brought This Mistake By GTA V To My Attention & It Is Important

My brother and I bought this game on PS3 a little after coming out to the market, we shared it and enjoyed playing it. However, we always discuss how it can easily manipulate minds because of the enormous amount of details included in the game. We always contemplate about how much study, research and thought has been put into the making of the game. This is of course a theory that already exists in society and it is called “The Third-Person Effect” which basically means that individuals tend to think of mass communicated media as a medium that tends to affect others’ thoughts more than it would affect them or sometimes not affect them at all.
This theory I found, is the right thing to describe what happens playing GTA V (and possibly many other video games). Yea, my brother and I will not be criminals and use cheats fly boats (unless it is legal to fly boats) and I guess we will never be able to completely switch off our minds from receiving subliminal messages, but as a society we really need to take care and think that these things affect all of us and that it is naive to think “oh we are educated, we are good”.

This video will show you how the first mission to play in GTA V with one of three characters Franklin (who happens to be a black guy) that you have to use the character to steal a car, reinforcing stereotypes is what makes people move away from each other. Now, I am not going all vegan on you and say don’t play games, it is fine and I loved the game myself… But, we have to pay attention to such issues and it is always better to talk about them even if you think it will not change anything, I believe it will in the future when you have children raised that have no prejudice and do not know about stereotypes. (maybe that was a bit extreme, for sure kids will learn hate at some point… but, I guess it is better to make it less than add fuel to the fire).


Almustafa M. Khalid





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